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Crazy Taxi Game is a remake of one of the old classic driving games which has appeared on the Super Nintendo, Playstation, PC and other such consoles. Now you can play it for free online, as well as on The free version of Crazy Taxi Game is a simplified version of the original without a lot of the features, but most noticeable the lack of 3d graphics. Nevertheless the core game play remains where you must pick up passengers & drive them to their destination. The basic game play will appeal to people who just want to get stuck in and not have to learn lots of control buttons in order to enjoy the game. As with friv, there are a few types of taxi game on offer, with various styles of action and design. The free car games here include Sim Taxi 2, as well as formula racer. Happy Wheels is a bit different to the other games on friv with a flying taxi rather than be limited to driving on the road. This brings a different type of challenge when manoeuvring around, similarly to car parking games

If you fancy trying some other games out and not just taxi game, we also have a variety of car games on offer. You can also try some Free Hunting Games. These games have been selected carefully for their differing styles of entertainment, so that there is something for everyone one. Formula Racer is similar to Crazy Taxi game in nature, with the first person perspective, so you those of you who like that game will be sure to enjoy this. Th major difference is that there is no jumping in this one, since it a more serious car game. With Kart the narrow nature of the track makes it tricky to navigate around the course. When you've had enough these games, Fun Fishing Games might be a welcome change of pace for you. Others on the list include some action packed war games, which involve action, explosions, guns, tanks and anything to do with warfare. Some examples of some great games of battle in include Commando and Battalion Nemesis.